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You invested $ in your wedding photos so you should get them right away
Custom solutions made compatible with any photography team
With WanderSnap's Live Photos, we eradicate the time to edit with our hardware + software kit for any wedding photo team. Your photographers' photos are instantly edited, watermarked, and uploaded to a branded landing page for your guests to instantly share and download.

Do you want to be that bride? The morning after your big day, as you scroll through all the images tagged to your designated #hashtag on Instagram to find an iPhone photo captured by your friend to show off your walk-down-the-aisle moment? What about your wedding photographer's photos needing 1-6 months to be edited?! That's what a wedding in 2018 should be - LIVE!
What is live photos?
It makes a DSLR feel as instant as an iPhone X.

It's a hardware (android phone + camera mount + chord connector to camera) + software integration (android app + cloud landing page). This tool kit works on any camera type, provided there is steady access to 3G or wifi data.
Watermark more logos
Photographers can get around the Lightroom headache with our automated watermarking tool regardless the number of logos you have.
Automatically edited instantly
Our tool makes light enhancements to each photo as a photographer clicks the shutter. He clicks, you save.
Search by selfie
Ever wondered why you had to browse through thousands of event images, just to find the one where you were in? Take a selfie, and our image recognition will show you only you!
Branded landing pages
Edited photos are presented on a landing page with your wedding branding and event info, allowing guests to view, share, like and download individual photos. Help your wedding go viral!
Work on any camera type with android phone
Whether your photographer shoot Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, our tool is compatible with them.
Upload by wifi or 3G
As long as there is steady access to data, our tool can upload 30+ photos in 3 seconds. You can also rent wifi routers from us for designated data connection for even faster uploading.
What do photographers get?
If you'd like to save hours from editing (and sleep) after a full-day wedding shoot, you can simply add out toolkit (which includes camera mount and connection cable) to out android and app kit. This does not replace the authentically stylistic edits you will curate for your guests in a few month's time, but serves them the instant content that they need throughout the big day effortlessly.
Try our demo.
What do bride and groom get?
You get to walk down the aisle and review images instantly as you walk out of the ceremony - you can project the branded landing page in-venue, or share it to attendees for them to instantly download high-quality edited visuals. They are 90% more likely to share them to social media in the moment.
Ask us for a custom (affordable) quote.
What do your guests get?
Instead of posting low-quality phone photos of your beloved couple, you get to celebrate their love by viewing, download, and sharing instantly edited photos by their professional photography team. The best love deserves the best storied captures, right?
Live Photos giving away 600 flowers with @givebydeau
Live Photos at Kerry Hotel event in HK
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