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Instantly AI-edited event photos
Available for purchase for any photographer and any event organizer
A typical event ends at midnight, whereby then the tired photographer rushes home to make edits and add watermarks until 3am. By the time your team receives the gallery at 9am at work, your event is irrelevant having passed 12 hours ago, missing the opportunity for the original content captured to have gone viral.

With WanderSnap's Live Photos, we are disrupting the biggest bottleneck across the creative industry worldwide - editing. With our hardware + software integration, photographers' photos are instantly edited, watermarked, and uploaded to a branded landing page for instant sharing and download.

To create truly viral events, add our Live Photos tool.
What is live photos?
It's a hardware (camera mount and chord connector to phone) + software integration (android phone and android app). This tool kit works on any camera type, provided there is steady access to 3G or wifi data.
Watermark more logos
Did you know it takes typically 5min to watermark more than one logos per image? Get around this Lightroom headache with our autmoated editing.
Automatically edited instantly
Particularly helpful for the volume of event photos, our tool makes light and saturation enhancements to photos as a photographer takes them. It's 2017, let's go instant.
Search by selfie
Ever wondered why you had to browse through thousands of event images, just to find the one where you were in? Take a selfie, and our image recognition will show you only you!
Branded landing pages
Edited photos are presented on a landing page with your company's logo and event info, allowing guests to view, share, like and download individual photos. The start of going viral!
Work on any camera type with android phone
Whether you shoot Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, our tool is compatible with them. iPhone users can ask our team to loan an android phone
Upload by wifi or 3G
As long as there is steady access to the Interwebs, our tool will shoot your snaps online at lightening speed (say no to delays). You can also rent wifi routers from us for designated data connection for even faster uploading.
What do photographers get?
If you'd like to save hours from editing (and sleep), you can simply add out toolkit (which includes camera mount and connection cable) to your android phone and app. You will be charged US$0.20 per image uploaded. Feel free to use this tool on any of your clients (non-WanderSnap even) to save time. Try our demo.
What do event organizers get?
To truly generate buzz from your production, you can project the branded landing page, or share it to attendees for them to instantly donwload high-quality edited visuals. They are 90% more likely to share them to social media in the moment. Particularly great for wedding planners, malls, concert organizers, marathon groups, etc. Ask us for a custom quote.
What do attendees get?
If you're a bride, you can get your matrimony snaps the morning after. If you're a concert goer, you can get your snaps while lining up for a beer. If you're a marathoner, you can get your race snaps as you rush through the finish-line. It's 2017, you shouldn't have to wait a day for visuals to e edited! Best of all, it's free for you!
"Manuel is not only an extremely patient person to work with, he is very passionate about what he does and takes time to really understand what you want. In addition to taking some great shots, he captured the night we asked him to shoot on video just the way we wanted it. Thank you!!!"

--- Band manager, Radhika Ahuja
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