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As a fellow platform team,

1. We get that margins matters.
We are committed to curating quality work without eating into your margins, as long as you bring us along for the volume and longevity as your platform grows.

2. We know how important capacity-to-scale is.
Instead of hiring an in-house team or asking for contacts whenever you launch in a new neighborhood or a new camapign, get access to our network to create content if and when you need it, wherever. You have enough vendors/customers to worry about, let us worry about content creation for you.

3. We understand the need to move quickly.
Competition is real, and you can outrun them with quicker execution.
Business photos can be delivered in previews in 24 hours, or in full gallery in 1-week's time, with live photos available instantly, depending on your watermarking and editing requirements.

Our proposal
November Anniversary Event:
* on-location photoshoot, via our AI-editing tool on either your photographers or ours, so as to share these edited and watermarked images on branded landing pages instantly during the event for your guests to repost and share virally
* curate a KOL campaign (featuring drone pilots, lifestyle curators, portrait photographers) shooting content to promote and post for your anniversary (concept of capturing your customers [where they typically eat Deliveroo meals], restaurant owners, drivers, and Deliveroo team) in order to drive online buzz with content mileage in eDM, social media, branded page, etc.

Host Photographers' Meet-up:
*as a quick way to curate quality visuals for a specific VIP supplier, we can invite our community to a meet-up, where they compete against each other by shooting various dishes, and hashtag their work when they post to social media for a change to win a meal for two at the establishment.

Monthly Retainers
* in order to support your growing visuals between events, blog, social media, and eDM, we can also support a credit system for 12 or 20 hours of shoots per month, priced 8000HKD and 9500HKD respectively.
* we create an easy-to-use booking form for your team to fill out bookings as needed and our team will optimize and match with the best snapper depending on specialities request: real estate, food, events, lifestyle curation, etc. See a sample here.
*This can be settled once a month and carry over unused credits.
*This includes all necessary editing, live-photos on branded page, watermark as needed, creative direction as part of monthly scope.
You shouldn't have to spend a fortune to capture great content of your already great brand.
Happiness guarantee
We will edit galleries as needed, otherwise full refunds on us.
Trusted community of pros regionally
Work with fellow professionals who come with extensive reviews and followers without exerting to find each one in a new city.
Quick turnaround
Each gallery will be edited (or watermarked for extra fees) live, same-day, in 24 hours, or in 1 week.
Value Add's Besides Photos
Ask us about how we go above and beyond photos:
Dedicated landing page
Without needing to save a gallery only to upload to social media, you can share this mobile-friendly web-page to all your attendees lives, or after, the event, for them to easily view, save, share full-res images from the experience.
We can watermark all images to your liking for an added 10 US$ per booking, so you get more brand awareness when those images are shared.
Cinemagraphs or Parallax
Since social media channels reward video content to rank higher (thus show more often) than regular images, we can help convert your static event photos into moving pictures, at 20US$ per photo. This helps you stand out amongst the crowd.
Live-stream from iPhone
We come fully prepared with tripod, dedicated manager, battery packs in order to live stream the whole duratino of your event across Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Weibo, and other social media platforms.
It ain't no party without a photobooth! We can customize custome backdrops and props, and/or even bring in our printing partners to help provide instant polaroids. This is a sure-win to capture branded images (with company logo and hashtag on backdrop) to drive a lucky draw for further online buzz from your event's attendees.
Our team can help find suitable, ethical talents to help with your shoot give our network of local resources across the region. Quotation will be on a case-by-case basis
An event's soul and spirit are often best capturing through a 1-minute recap video, or a longer-form 4-5-minute mini-documentary. Our team of snapper can help with such filming, editing and post production as needed. There will be added cost quoted by project basis, along with possible addition in equipment rental and sound engineering
Drone photography
We have top aerial photographers in each city in our coverage, in order to help you elevate the quality of your real estate images, along with birds-eye-view lifestyle images.
"Manuel is not only an extremely patient person to work with, he is very passionate about what he does and takes time to really understand what you want. In addition to taking some great shots, he captured the night we asked him to shoot on video just the way we wanted it. Thank you!!!"

--- Band manager, Radhika Ahuja
Trusted by
Partners and media we are grateful to work alongside to create memorable event content for social media

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